Radio & TV

Mischa mit Mikrofon

For more than four years I have worked as a journalist at the public German broadcasting studios “Hessischer Rundfunk” (hr), mainly as a radio reporter. I produced radio pieces and talks for the programmes hr1, hr2, hr3, hr4, hr-iNFO and youfm—occasionally for other programmes as well. It doesn’t make much sense to showcase German airchecks on an English website, Please switch to the German version of this page if you want to hear my voice for some reason.

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During my editorial traineeship I have learned how to make TV as well. I have worked for the local news magazine hessenschau kompakt for a month and produced several TV pieces there. I also did an internship at the editorials of the science magazines Quarks & Co and Alles Wissen, for two months each. And last but not least I got the chance to play the role of a TV host as a part of a seminar on TV journalism. Here’s a short scene from the show (I’m afraid it’s in German…):