Physicists and journalists have one thing in common: They search for answers—and sometimes for the right question, too. I am a curious guy. That’s why I chose to study physics. I want to know how the world works, what’s possible today and what’s reality tomorrow. But—I have to admit—I also love listening to my own voice and there is no doubt that I am a real radio nerd. So it was that one day I found myself at the microphone.

I love music, fresh food and good cappuccino. And people who believe in what they do. People who are trying to make the world a better place every day—if only little by little. (Huge respect for those who actually succeed.) I enjoy meeting new people while travelling because when I do, I learn more about the world and about myself, I get new perspectives. I always try to stay hungry for knowledge. On this page I have summarized what I have learned so far and how good I am at those things. The colorful diagrams below are based on my self assessment and not necessarily objective. 😉

My story so far…

At a Glance

Professional iOS developer with > 5 years of experience

Leadership experience, great communication & presentation skills

Degree in physics (Bachelor of Science, 2010)

Radio and TV journalist, graduate trainee (German Radio & TV studios, 2012)

2 × Radio Broadcasting Award, LPR Hessen (2005, 2008)


iOS (Swift)
iOS (Objective-C)
Android (Kotlin)
Ruby on Rails
C / C++



Chinese (UNIcert I)


Self-declared pro audio cutter and master of the D’Accord Radio Suite, experience as a radio show host

Experience with DSLRs, TV cameras and video editing (AVID, Adobe Premiere)

Design freak (no pro though!). I work a lot with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Experience as a tutor in maths and physics classes at university (TU Darmstadt)

Other stuff I have worked with: WordPress, LaTeX, Gnuplot, Verilog, OpenGL, Scheme, ZURB Foundation (Responsive Webdesign)


  • iOS Developer
    QuickBird Studios / QuickBird Medical
    since January 2020
    Medical app development, medical device integration via Bluetooth.
    Introduction and development of onboarding- and mentorship program. Supervision of technical company blog & Twitter account. Preparation and execution of workshops with customers.

    QuickBird Medical Logo
  • Team Lead
    September 2017 – November 2018
    Taking care of a team of up to eight developers, part of the software development leadership team.

    intive Logo
  • iOS Developer
    intive (formerly Kupferwerk)
    August 2015 – November 2018
    App development for iPhone and iPad.

    intive Logo
  • Radio Reporter
    Hessischer Rundfunk
    November 2012 – July 2015
    Production of radio pieces, reports and talks for the radio programmes hr1, hr2, hr3, hr4, hr-iNFO and youfm.

    hr Logo
  • iPhone App Development (Roadcast)
    Self employed
    November 2012 – October 2014
    Idea, concept, UI design und programming. Together with Daniel Strecker.

    Roadcast App Icon
  • Editorial Traineeship
    Hessischer Rundfunk
    March 2011 – August 2012
    Training as a radio, TV and online journalist.
    Focus: Science

    hr Logo
  • Physics Studies
    University: TU Darmstadt
    October 2004 – July 2010
    Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physics

    Logo der TU Darmstadt
  • Studies Abroad
    National University of Singapore
    August 2009 – May 2010
    Modules: Politics, Economics, Computer Graphics, Chinese

    NUS Logo
  • Editorial asstistant
    Radio Regenbogen
    September 2008 – February 2009
    Preparations for the morning show on Monday: topic research, audio editing, casting of interview partners, recording interviews, writing presentations for the show hosts.

    Radio Regenbogen Logo
  • Staff at non-commercial radio station
    Radio Darmstadt e.V.
    Januar 2001 – Februar 2009
    Host of a monthly radio show, 2 years head of the youth department “YoungPOWER”.

    Radio Darmstadt Logo
  • Graduation from High School
    Lichtenbergschule Darmstadt