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For my physics studies at university I chose computer science as a minor—simply out of curiosity. Soon I figured that programming was a lot of fun and I decided to learn more about it. In 2012 I started studying computer science as a major while working as a radio reporter at the same time. Then I saw an opportunity to combine my passion for radio with my passion in programming and I started working on an iPhone app for radio reporters together with a friend. We called the app Roadcast, it’s available on the App Store since August 2014.

Roadcast Fontlogo

The idea is quite simple: Instead of a classic field recorder radio reporters can use their iPhone for recording interviews. This way there is no need for carrying an extra device and audio files can be transferred to the broadcasting studios immediately via internet. Roadcast makes that possible–in a rather intuitive way.

The concept, the app icon, the font logo and the user interface design—everything is handmade. We chose not to hire any external programmers or advertising agencies. And I’m quite content with the result. Roadcast is not the last app that I’ll be working on. 🙂

Promotion Video

In order to show radio reporters all over the world how they can use Roadcast for their benefit, we have shot a short promotion video in the city of Mainz.

Anna Sagel and Marco Schleicher have volunteered as actors. Akira Schüttler has supported us with his camera equipment and knowledge. He was our director of photography. The music we used in the video is by the local band “20 Hertz” from Darmstadt. Big thanks to Oliver Ullmann and Sebastian Siol for providing us with their song for free.

Roadcast in Action

Manuals are boring to read. That’s why I produced a couple of video tutorials for Roadcast–here’s an example. It shows how the app works and why it is so practical compared to other recording apps.

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